CJ Miller

Adolescent Guide

Originally from Virginia, C.J. has lived in four states and three different countries over the course of her life. As an adolescent, C. J. attended a public school based on the Sudbury model of education from 7-12th grade. She attended New College of Florida from 1983-1987, graduating with a degree in Literature and Anthropology. From there she went to Arizona and then to Japan, where she learned to love languages and teaching. After her first two years in Japan, she moved to England and taught English there to college hopefuls and refugees from the Bosnian War. She was then able to transition back to Japan to continue her teaching career. Returning to the United States (upon finding out that her European teaching credentials would not allow her to teach in the US), she went into technical support, working as a desktop technician, and a network help desk technician, first for DARPA and then for the Pentagon. After 9/11 and the initial stages of the Iraq War, C. J. left the pentagon to raise her daughter, start a business as a freelance editor, and go back to school to get her teaching license. In 2004 she returned to her first love: teaching English. In 2017 she received her Masters from WGU in Curriculum Design. Now, after 14 years with CMCSS in various roles, she is ready to start a new adventure in Montessori, and is pursuing her secondary Montessori certification at the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. Being the product of competency based learning programs and believing in the self-efficacy of each student, C. J. looks forward to guiding students to explore their interests, talents, and passions as they transition to higher levels of independent learning.
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