The following are important components of our well-rounded Montessori experience.

Spanish language instruction begins in the Toddler classroom with fundamental vocabulary and daily conversation.  Students develop more extensive skills through 6th grade.  

Daily Fitness
Elementary students participate in daily fitness activities. These physical activities are designed to build fine and gross motor control, athletic skills, endurance, and a general feeling of good health with a focus on an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Elementary students attend art classes weekly.  Art shows each year showcase the fabulous work these students. This thorough curriculum is presented in a three-year cycle and explores visual art from various historic periods and art forms from around the world.  Children will receive their portfolio at the end of year.

Students at Amare Montessori experience music in every level. In our Toddler and Primary classrooms, our teachers provide exposure to various musical genres, singing, simple instruments and introductory musical terms and vocabulary.  Third year Primary and Elementary students will extend these lessons with formal music lessons, including instruction in reading music, rhythm and vocal dynamics.

Elementary students will have weekly instruction in Drama.  Theatrical performance, set design, costumes, and production will be focused on throughout the year, culminating in a spring performance.