Amare's History

The goal of Montessori education is to foster the intrinsic ability of the young child to develop a lifelong love for self-directed learning.  Dr. Maria Montessori developed the method, described as an “education for life,” over 100 years ago in Italy.  The student’s self-confidence, independence, and individuality flourish in the child-centered environment.  Montessori schools nurture the whole child; recognize the value and importance of spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and psychological needs in addition to high quality, meaningful academic skill development.

Amare Montessori is the brainchild of two dedicated educators and parents, Beth Tejeda and Jaime Yeager, who determined in 2014 to pursue opening a nationally accredited and authentic Montessori school in Clarksville. Armed with determination, they worked diligently with Montessori Academy (Brentwood, Tennessee) to open in August 2015 as a satellite school under the umbrella of the Tennessee non-profit Montessori Academy, Inc. 

Amare Montessori’s faculty and administration are committed to uncompromising standards of Montessori education, and to preparing our students to be leaders today and in the future. The focus on executive functions is a natural outcome of Dr. Montessori’s philosophy and passion for precision, love of order, pride in accomplishment, and respect. Amare guides strive to incorporate these critical skills into each child’s daily activities to become the foundation for successful living. Amare Montessori provides students with a strong sense of belonging in a safe and protected community where the child-guide-parent relationship is honored.​