Ages 12 - 15 years (7th - 9th Level Students)

The Amare Adolescent program is the culmination of the child’s experience as an Amare Montessori student. Students are expected to bring a high level of independence and self-direction, a comfort with collaborative work, and a love of learning for learning’s sake. They treat each other with respect and are comfortable with the knowledge that each person has different strengths and challenges. The manipulative materials of the elementary level are rarely present, as adolescents have moved beyond their applications and are now solidly comfortable with the more adult learning techniques of abstract thinking, reading, discussion, and application to a task.

Maria Montessori recognized adolescence as a time of rapid growth and transition, not unlike the first few years of life. The Adolescent experience provides an ideal setting for students to gain self-knoweldge, belong to a community, and learn to be adaptable. Based on mastery learning, the program empowers young people to be academically successful and to craft vision for their own future. The experinece provides a solid, unique foundation for young adulthood.

The Adolescent program reflects a new stage of development, for children ages 12-15 years, and offers the following:

  •  A mathematics curriculum presented with abstract concepts that connect to real world application.

  •  Study which is both broad and deep, covering many subjects not attempted in conventional schools. The focus is on asking large quesitons, researching, interpreting and connecting all of the disciplines.

  • Beginning and advanced work with internet research and credible sources.

  • Reflective time to understand their place in society and how they can make a difference in the world. Continuing to build on the sense of justice and fairness that began to develop in their elementary years, adolescents are often drawn to causes that involve high ideals, and prefer projects that require action and meaningful contributions. Each adolescent student grows into leadership roles and performs meaningful work within the Amare Community.

  • Presentation of knowledge as part of a large-scale narrative that begins discussions on what the “cosmic task” is for each of us.

  • Students work for long periods of time to create large presentations and projects for furthering knowledge and solving problems.

  • Socratic discussions for developing deeper thinking, courteous discussion skills and opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts through literature, poetry, historical documents and music.

Personal growth is an important integrated part of the Adolescent program, which is designed to usher healthy, self-confident, well-prepared young adults into the next phase of their development. We believe children learn to be adaptable through supporting them in solving their own problems, rather than solving problems for them. With the help of a supportive adult and, increasingly in adolescent years, their peers, your child can frequently find the solution that is best for them and their community.